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This bird has seen too many sci-fi movies:


This bird has seen too many sci-fi movies:

Just Like Starting Over. by simpspin
Just Like Starting Over.
Previously, we saw Jessica Lovejoy, age 34, in rough shape:  Don't cry...Mommy's okay... by simpspin  Thankfully, she's been away from her abusive ex-husband, Evan, for almost two months and is getting her life back in line. :)
To me, watching an episode of Family Guy is like watching something written by an ADD ridden 12yr old on a sugar high.  The humor is 'too' random and the jokes are just...jokes, with not much substance to accompany them.  I've only seen a few episodes over the years and I've tried to like the show, but I could never get into it.  However, just recently something weird happened...As much as it pains me to say this, the writers on Family Guy in 2014 manged to make the best Simpsons episode with the Simpsons crossover "Simpsons Guy." It was funny, it was ambitious and without becoming super random the first 3/4ths of the episode, the FG writers manged to make Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie lovable and FUNNY!  Yes, I just said that, mean that and believe "Simpsons Guy" to be best episode of the Simpsons to air this year and probably into 2015, too.

On the Simpsons side of the timeslot, the episode I was most looking forward to this seasons was the much anticipated and hyped "Simpsonsrama".  Clocking in at a standard 30 minutes instead of "Simpsons Guy's" 60, Simpsonsrama was an attempt to bring both of Groening's shows together in a much rushed...and much more disappointing outing.  Other than some cute Homer and Bender moments, this episode was the biggest letdown in Simpsons memory.  Why?  Because Futurama's characters were barely used and with the non-special 30 minutes, the story never had a chance to breathe and have time for better character interaction.  If I had a say, I would've dedicated the resources to give Simpsons Guy a full hour (at least) to give the Simpsons the proper time to tell a somewhat in depth story and give what could be Futurama's cast last appearance a decent "last time" to shine.


BTW, On the AVclub, they had the same--and much more elegant--opinion I did and this quote sums it up best: 

"Yet it’s painful to see two shows which, at the height of their powers, were capable of astonishing creativity, humor, and emotional depth, reduced to such a Scooby Doo Meets The Harlem Globetrotters exercise. There’s no reason for this episode to exist, at least not in terms of storytelling. Seeing the Simpsons family interact with Bender, Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, and the rest has a certain automatic thrill to it, like any half-assed Internet mash-up (that thing I like is in the same place as that other thing I like! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING), but that thrill never deepens or enriches our understanding of these disparate groups. Pairing up Bender with Homer is about as lazy a match as you can get, and when the episode tries to get something like actual feelings from their interactions, it’s embarrassing. Yes, it was sweet to see Homer sharing one last beer with a sleep-mode Bender, but it’s knee-jerk sweetness, like the reflexive “aw” you get when you watch a well made Hallmark commercial. It says nothing, means nothing, and leaves you with nothing, manipulating the audience with a sort of genial half-assedness that’s hard to love or despise."



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